Xinjiang Walnuts Transported by CHINA RAILWAY Express for Export to Europe

 Published:2020-01-08  【字体:

  At 13:10 on December 25, a CRE train fully loaded with walnuts and walnut kernels transferred from a “collection and consolidation mode" freight train, departed from the CHINA RAILWAY Express Marshalling Center in Urumqi International Land Port Area. It is expected to arrive in Turkey's Mersin Port in 18 to 20 days. This is the first time Xinjiang walnuts have been exported to Europe by CRE trains, and the first time Xinjiang walnuts have been exported to the international market in large quantities.

  Previously, Xinjiang Guoye Group transported goods to their destinations by land or sea, with high transportation costs. This is the first time that Xinjiang walnuts are exported to Turkey by a CRE train after transfer from a Hotan-Kashgar-Urumqi "collection and consolidation mode" freight train, which has the characteristics of short distance, high speed, little loss of goods, low cost, etc. Compared with previous modes of transportation, it saves 30% of the cost.

  To guarantee the successful operation of this CRE train for Xinjiang walnuts, the freight department of China Railway Urumqi Group Co., Ltd. and relevant units have actively engaged with Xinjiang Zhongou Union Logistics Co. Ltd., the carrier for Xinjiang walnut's international freight, to support this CRE train transportation and efficiently conduct the container re-handling, and coordinated with the customs and border inspection agencies to speed up the customs clearance, so as to ensure the smooth export of Xinjiang walnuts to Europe by this CRE train.

  It is reported that the second CRE train for walnut export is scheduled to be launched in January 2020, with Turkey still as the destination.