"Five Priorities" Secure CHINA RAILWAY Express

 Published:2020-03-26  【字体:

  At 9:19 on March 13, the X8089 CRE train fully loaded with cargoes departed from Guangyuan West Station and headed for Alataw Pass. Thanks to the station's "five priorities" policy for traffic assurance on the logistics corridor for CRE trains, the technical operation time of this train at the demarcation point station has been greatly shortened.

  "Guangyuan West Station is the 'north gate' of the demarcation point at the crossroads of Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu, and is also at the throat of the north corridor out of Sichuan. The smooth freight flow at this station ensures the punctual and efficient operation of CRE trains." Liu Jianbing, assistant dispatcher of Guangyuan West Station said. As a key measure ensuring the transportation organization at the demarcation point, the "five priorities" include the priorities in planning, receiving, cargo inspection, marshaling and release-to-go. By reducing parallel operation time and improving operation efficiency, the safe and quick transit of CRE trains at demarcation point has been ensured.

  The dispatcher of Guangyuan West Station takes up the post 40 minutes in advance every day, confirms the train number and arrival time of the CRE trains with relevant ities in advance, prepares the operation plan, phase plan and shunting plan in current shift, and monitors the implementation of the receiving and dispatching, loading inspection, locomotive coupling and uncoupling, etc. of the CRE trains. According to the dispatching, station crew of Guangyuan West Station issues plans to reasonably arrange the routes for receiving and departure of trains, prevent the traffic flow from crossing, arrange the locomotives to leave the depot and wait in advance, and reduce the time for coupling and uncoupling. The loading workers of Guangyuan West Station check and confirm the status of the containers and flat cars for CRE trains manually in the aid of video surveillance system, to prevent accidents caused by vibration during train operation.