"Last Kilometer" Connected for Rail-sea Intermodal Transport of Ningbo Zhoushan Port

 Published:2020-01-08  【字体:

  After four years of continuous efforts, on December 26, Chuanshan Port Area Railway at Zhoushan Port Terminal in Ningbo was completed and put into operation.

  In recent years, China Railway Shanghai Group Co., Ltd. has been working closely with Ningbo Zhoushan Port to strengthen the cargo short distance connection organization and promote the rapid development of rail-sea intermodal transportation. China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Municipal Government have jointly funded the construction of a new 30.4 km line in Chuanshan port area, which is led out from Daqi Station on Beilun Railway Branch Line and extends to Chuanshan port area, set with two new intermediate stations (Chuanshan Port Station and Zhongzhai Station) and 1 reconstructed station (Daqi Station), aiming to connect the "last kilometer" from the railway to the container terminal in the port area. At the same time, the 29 km existing line has been electrified.

  Since the construction began in December 2015, the construction contractor, Xiaoshan-Ningbo Railway Co., Ltd. has pushed forward the standardized construction in all aspects, implemented the research on key technologies of informatized tunnel management based on BIM, and realized construction in closed railway sections for more than 700 times with "zero accidents" and "zero delays".