Tibet-aided Supplies Arrive in Hubei 72 Hours Ahead of Schedule

 Published:2020-03-19  【字体:

  At 22:30 on March 3, a dedicated train carrying the supplies aided by Tibet arrived at the Shekou Freight Yard of China Railway Wuhan Group Co., Ltd.'s Shekou Logistics Base.

  The supplies arrived in Wuhan this time were more than 33 cars (170,000 pieces) of natural drinking water that were uniformly allocated by the CPC Committee and the government of Tibet Autonomous Region and carefully raised by the material support team of Tibet's leading group for epidemic response. Following this, 30 tons of Tibetan pork transported in mechanical refrigerator cars from Lhasa West Station also arrived at the Shekou Freight Yard in the early morning of March 4. So far, the second batch of Tibet-aided living supplies for epidemic prevention in Hubei have all arrived in Wuhan smoothly. It is reported that this batch of living supplies were shipped on February 28, and after a journey of nearly 4,000 km, it has arrived 72 hours earlier than planned.