Holing-through for Longest Tunnel of Yinchuan-Xi'an Railway (Shaanxi Section)

 Published:2020-01-19  【字体:

  On the morning of December 28, 2019, the holing-through was successfully achieved at Binxian Tunnel, the longest tunnel of Yinchuan-Xi'an Railway (Shaanxi Section), laying the foundation for the next ballastless track construction.

  The 14251.32m long Binxian Tunnel is a high-risk tunnel with extremely complex geological conditions in Yinchuan-Xi'an Railway (Shaanxi Section). It is the key control project in this section. The tunnel passes through the gully region of loess ridge and tableland, with a water-rich section of more than 10 km and an average hourly flow rate of 65 cubic meters. Some sections of Binxian Tunnel are featured with short stratum deposition time, poor stability of rock mass after blasting, great construction difficulties and high safety risks.

  To be completed and put into operation by the end of 2020, Yinchuan-Xi'an Railway is an important component of Baotou (Yinchuan)-Haikou corridor, the main corridor in China's HSR network of "eight north-south lines and eight east-west lines" specified in China's Mid-and-Long-Term Railway Network Plan. After Yinchuan-Xi'an Railway opens to traffic, the train traveling time between Xi'an and Yinchuan will be shortened from 14 hours to about 3 hours, which is of great significance to further improve the railway network structure in the central and western regions, promote the regional economic and social development, and improve people's livelihood.