Village-based Working Team Helps Villagers Return to Cities for Work

 Published:2020-03-27  【字体:

  At 14:50 on March 16, with the help of the village-based working team of China Railway Shenyang Group Co., Ltd. and the poverty alleviation ity of Village-based Working Team Left-wing Mongolian Autonomous County in Liaoning Province, 15 migrant workers from Youzhangzi Village took G3723 train from Kazuo Station to Shenyang.

  Since the outbreak of covid-19 epidemic, China Railway Shenyang Group Co., Ltd. has donated 15 cotton coats and 1,000 masks to Youzhangzi Village, and dispatched Zhao Xingguo, Party branch secretary of Fuxin Comprehensive Workshop of Jinzhou Real Estate Depot, Lin Shumei, discipline inspection secretary of Fuxin Station Depot, and Liu Zhigang, deputy secretary of Party General Branch of Yebaishou Station, to form a village-based working team, cooperating with the village committee on winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control.

  With the enterprises gradually resuming work and production, to help more poverty-stricken villagers go out for work, the village-based working team members have registered and identified each migrant worker's travel direction, travel date and train number information according to the migrant worker information provided by the poverty alleviation ity of the county, priorly arranging dedicated trains or customized carriages for migrant workers and providing them with whole-journey and refined travel services. At the same time, to push forward the resumption of poverty alleviation projects such as the manure treatment center, they have actively communicated and negotiated with Youzhangzi township government, strengthened communication with power enterprises, and made every effort to ensure the completion of power facility construction.