CR Guangzhou Group Co., Ltd. Operates "Point-to-Point" Trains to Help Hubei Migrant Workers Return to Work

 Published:2020-03-31  【字体:

  On March 19, China Railway Guangzhou Group Co., Ltd. operated two "point-to-point" work-returning dedicated trains, carrying nearly 2,000 Jingzhou migrant workers to Guangdong for work.

  To ensure the smooth operation of these two work-returning dedicated trains, the on-duty Guangzhou-Kowloon Passenger Transport Depot has set up a service team composed of party members to carry out disinfection, cleaning and other epidemic prevention work of the trains in advance. When the migrant workers returning to work boarded the train, the train crew have guided them to seat alternatively, assisted them for arranging luggage, reminded them to wear the masks at any time, publicize the epidemic prevention knowledge to them, and measured the temperature of each migrant worker and registered their situation. The Guangzhou EMU depot, which undertaken the servicing and maintenance of the two work-returning dedicated trains, has set up emergency team composed of Party members to do a good job in EMU servicing and ensure the trains' absolute safety. Changsha Locomotive Depot has dispatched 4 Party member drivers to take on the train traction task.

  "Thanks to the Party, the government and the railway sector!" Passenger Ms. Pan said, "the railway provides us the one-stop service, which is very considerate and warm-hearted. This is really doing practical things and seeking benefits for the people."

  "The conditions on the train is very good, and the protective measures are in place, which make me feel at ease. The train conductor and crew are very kind and the service is very considerate. Thank the government and the railway sector for their hard work!" Mr. Chen, who works in an electronics factory in Panyu, Guangzhou, said gratefully.